The Products platform helping the customers by providing the right solution and service

Devorks empowers prosperity with Spryple, Schoolub, and BOT Products

The Products platform helping the customers by providing the right solution and service

The Spryple software has all you need as this powerful platform supported by industry HR experts and built accordingly. The software boosts the productivity of the organization and saves time. Also helps in managing human resource management operations efficiently which ultimately improves the efficiency and productivity of your business. Spryple facilitates an easy and secure access to the employee database, thereby reducing the time and effort.

An user-friendly school management software designed to efficiently manage educational and administrative systems

The is a versatile education management software primarily developed for schools, colleges and universities etc. It helps in managing all aspects of their organization starting from admission to fee payment for the Academics & courses, management of students and curriculum. The Schoolub is also equipped with a portal for students,teachers, and parents. The software has multiple features and the software helps in simplifying management administration.

Mr. Venkateswarlu Boora

Co-Founder Sanela Health | Co-Founder SPRYPLE HR | CEO Sreeb Technologies | Director Devorks | Director Talent Waves | Director SREVES Digital
With over 20 years of expertise in Information Technology and Solutions Architecture, our highly experienced Co-Founder and Managing Director has delivered successful IT projects globally across diverse industries. Proficient in roles like Tech Lead and Solution Architect, he excels in managing system integration and leading multi-site teams to exceptional results. As the CEO of SprypleHR, he embodies strategic planning, creative thinking, and effective communication, prioritizing innovation to drive success for both the organization and clients.